Understanding The Idea Of In-Depth Content And The Effect It Has On Your SEO And Audience

Understanding The Idea Of In-Depth Content And The Effect It Has On Your SEO And Audience

You’ve likely heard that people don’t want to read longer content, or watch long videos right? Well, that’s true to some degree, but there are reasons why you want to write longer content that is rich in facts, and that engages your audience in a better way. With as much as 500 words, you can truly delve into a topic more than you realized before without having to worry about it being too short or lengthy.

  • Longer Features Equate to Higher Quality
  • The Author Can Dig Deeper
  • Helps Eliminate People Who Aren’t Serious
  • You Can Include More Visuals
  • Search Engines Like Long Content * People Tend to Share Longer Content More (Or you can also rediscover, “What Exactly Is Online Audience Optimization?”.)

White Papers — A white paper is traditionally used in government and education circles. Its intent is to usually give authoritative information to guide the readers to the answers about an issue that matters to them. Usually, the point is to help readers make a choice to do something like buy a particular product or service or vote in a certain way. Typically, white papers will describe benefits, present a set of questions, tips or points about a certain topic, as well as recommendations and solutions.

Case Studies — This type of content usually is pretty lengthy because a case study can cover so much. Remember to define the problem, offer the solution and share the results via the case studies you publish. This will certainly keep people reading. People like reading how a solution worked for other people, so case studies are a great choice for a long content.

Long Blog Posts — Instead of writing a series and posting them separately, try posting the series as one, long, in depth blog post. This type of post will be very useful to your audience as well as to serve as something that will keep them on your blog longer than 30 seconds. When Google detects that a good volume of people make visits (or views) to some content and spend a particular amount of time there, they will recommend that specific content more often.

Instructional Videos — As discussed before, the word across the web is to create short videos, but sometimes you want to create a long one. Videos are popularly used to grab the attention of the audience. And what could be a better way to demonstrate your knowledge and build authority than a long, in depth video tutorial on an important topic of your niche.

Featured Articles — Like the long blog posts, a featured article requires more research and can have a different format than the shorter, more general articles and blog posts. Oftentimes, a long article will quote other authorities, book references, papers and individuals to support the points found in the article itself. Writing long articles that are composed of 1500 words will demonstrate your authority, knowledge and expertise in a clear way that will not just prove beneficial to you but also to your reader’s knowledge base. If you choose to include longer, more in-depth content to wow your audience, come up with a long content and make it more visually appealing by adding images, plenty of bullet points, subheadings and headers. Furthermore, it’s also okay to send people to new pages in some sections of your content or even at the end if you don’t want the long content to appear only on one page of your website. A longer and in-depth content is essential for good SEO in today’s search engine climate.

We know for a fact that times rapidly change and what we know now can be a thing of the past in a matter of weeks or even days. Can you imagine the effects if we fail to educate and keep ourselves up-to-date just to fall behind for a year? We would very much like for you to be current and we know ourselves that staying up-to-date can pose a challenge. But do not fret, because This Year, The Trick To Success Is To Produce Fresh, Quality Content For Your Readers – and we’re confident that you’re up to it given you have the right knowledge and strategy.

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