The Other Benefits Of Responsive Web Design For Your SEO And Online Success

The Other Benefits Of Responsive Web Design For Your SEO And Online Success

Google Rewards Responsive Design

Responsive design should be clean, avoids canonical URL issues, and problems with redirects. Separate “mobile friendly” sites are often not updated regularly so if you pick just one site and use a responsive design it gets to be updated often, therefore, indexed more often. Google likes mobile friendly sites, particularly ones with responsive designs. Because of this (and not to mention Google’s supreme popularity), it is something you must pay attention to if you want SEO practices to work.

Responsive Design Looks Fabulous

Having a responsive design is more than just the fact that they work on a mobile device. They look and work great on any device. They load fast, they work for anyone regardless of how old or new their computer is, or the size of their screens. They simply look great and work great, which is a very important element for any website to have if you want to keep customers drawn in once they click through from a search results page.

Responsive Designs Are Easier to Manage

It was mentioned that in the “old days” one would create both a mobile friendly site and a regular site. Apparently, this is old news. It’s tough to keep up with two sites as a duplicate content could pose a risk to underlying issues. Besides, who wants to update two sites anyway when you don’t even have to do that. You can create one, beautiful, efficient website that houses all your content, products and services. It’ll work great for everyone no matter what device they use.

The Future is Already Here

Some people think they should wait it out, and build for what’s going on right now but nothing could be further from the truth. A business owner should always be looking forward to the next “thing”, the next issue, and the next chance to make an impact on their customers and potential customers. Today it might be responsive design, and the next year to come may bring something entirely different. Staying relevant means that the future is already here. You need to stay informed and change before you’re forced to. This practice will take you ahead of the pack without fail. Finally, realize that technology is in constant evolution and mobile is rapidly gaining more dominance (and there is an indication that it’s already happened). So, if you want to stay competitive, you will have no choice but to use responsive design to stay connected with your customers, get new leads, and stay fierce in the competition.

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