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Experts In Local SEO

We execute comprehensive local SEO campaigns to boost your inbound search traffic.

Keyword Research & Competition

Ranking for the right keywords is critical

Content Creation & Marketing

One of the most important pieces to a highly successful local SEO

Link Building & Article Outreach

We specialize in well planned, high domain authority link

Digital Horsepower Local SEO

We are a full-service digital marketing agency. Our primary focus is on local SO campaigns for local businesses. This includes not just brick-and-mortar businesses, but local SEO for law firms, medical clinics, contractors, and more.

With our laser focus on local SEO services, we are not just experts in creating campaigns that drive organic search traffic to your website, but also in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

Website Conversion Optimization

When you consider all of the resources that it takes to drive a relevant web visitor to your website, you need to also focus on how you convert that web visitor to a sales lead, free estimate, service call or consultation. This is where we shine!

With technology, and the advanced artificial intelligence that the search engines are utilizing today, it is vital that you stay up to date on the latest changes that the search engines are making to what ultimately ranks a local website for the search terms (keywords) that you are targeting.

Why Choose Digital Horsepower

Local SEO

Will Increase Your Website Traffic

Just like digital marketing campaigns are not one size fits all, neither are digital marketing agencies. Make sure that you align your business with a local SEO agency that understands exactly what your business needs from your website and local SEO campaign. It is vitally important to any local SEO campaign that it is well thought out from the very beginning.

Our Process


Develop the aesthetic requirements of your website and/or SEO campaign, & the goals for conversion & ROI. This includes the proper keyword research & SEO strategies.


We create a website template and/or content pieces with graphics & layout options for your review. Then make necessary modifications & adjustments.


We identify your target keywords & create the text content & on-page optimization to match your SEO & ROI targets. We also develop our back linking & outreach strategies.


After successful completion of your website and/or keyword rich content, the website and/or SEO campaign is delivered / deployed to the customer to go live.


It is important to maintain your website with fresh content, but also your overall SEO & website conversion strategy with an effective outreach strategy to keep your website on the first page of the search engines.

Some Facts About Us

Web Design

Local SEO Campaigns

Content Creation

Conversion Rate Optimization

Social & PPC Advertising

We Track Every Click, Call, Form Inquiry, & DOLLAR!

To insure that we are always on track to meet your local SEO campaigns objectives and expectations, we have the ability to track every single click to your website, every phone call, every live chat, and every time someone wills out a form for more information.

Our reporting module will show you this data, broken down in detail for each action. Not only does this allow us to collect the data to optimize each element of your campaign, but also to allow you peace of mind that we are working hard on your behalf to execute your local SEO campaign at the highest efficiencies possible.

With our call tracking, we have the ability to track every call that comes in from your website. Our software has the ability to determine whether a call was from an organic search result, a direct visit to your website, a referral, and other sources. We can even record each call, so that you can make sure that your team is handling the incoming calls the way that you want them to. We also capture the caller’s information, date & time of the call, and more!

You can even track the actual revenue that you are generating from your local SEO campaign! We have the option for you to go back and update each phone call or form submission with both sales estimate and actual revenue data for each dollar of revenue that you generate from new customers or clients that were generated from your local SEO campaign.

When we have the ability to track all of your web site activity that converts into leads, sales, and new clients, we can manage your campaign by drilling down into the most detailed data. This will insure the long-term success of your local SEO campaign.

Our SEO Methodology

Perhaps the most important, but most overlooked step that you need to take when optimizing your website for local SEO is your On-Page attributes. These include things like:

  • URL Structure
  • Page Titles & Descriptions
  • Well Written & Keyword Optimized Content
  • Optimizing All Of Your Images
  • Making Sure That Your Website Loads Fast (Page Load Speed)
  • A Strong Internal Linking Structure

There are even more items that make up an excellent On-Page strategy, but these are a few, and they are all very important. It is important that before you try to apply off-site local SEO strategies, that you first make sure that you have a very strong technical foundation to build on. If not, many if not all of the off-site activities and executions that you make to lift your website in the search engines will simply not work very well, if they work at all.

Identify relevant keywords that drive targeted visitors to your site and those that your competitors rank for

It is critical that you make sure that all of the local directory websites that Google trusts, have you listed the same way, with the same information. We call this NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number). Examples of these local directory sites include Google My Business, Yelp, Bing Places, Yahoo small Business, Yelp, Foursquare, etc…There are 70+ local directories that you need to manage your listing on (we have a strong solution for that).

The reason that this is so important is that the search engines will clearly understand what your business does, and where you do business. Even more so, the fact that all of these directory sites have you listed with the exact same information and content will make it easy for the search engines to index your website.

Making sure that your customers are giving you a steady flow of reviews, and that you have them posted to your website, as well. Many people utilize customer reviews as a significant buying decision. Not only is important to show your website visitors these reviews when they are on your website, but it is also something that will help your local SEO as well, because we will update the content on these reviews monthly for you.

Schema markup is special code that we add to all of your pertinent business information such as your business name, contact info, hours, type of business, etc…This really helps the search engines understand who your business is, what you do, and ultimately where you are, or where you service. This is very important to your local SEO efforts and is really a must have on your website these days.

Perhaps the second most important on-site item that the search engines look at when deciding where to rank your website in local search, is locally optimized, well written content. This can be content pages on your website that talk tell a web visitor who you are, what your business does, blogs, etc…It is very important that these are naturally written, easy to understand, and tell the visitor exactly what they need to know. Don’t stuff keywords or write “fluff” in your content. Be accurate and precise, and the search engines will reward you for it.

This is perhaps more important now than it has ever been. It is absolutely the most important ranking factor today, and with very good reason. When a credible website, that has strong authority with the search engines links to content on your website, this is very helpful to the search engines. It tells them that other websites that they trust, are linking to your content by choice. When this happens, and you receive many back links from these trusted websites, your own credibility soars with the search engines, and provides you with great lift in your own rankings.

But be aware that some back links, especially spammy links, can really hurt your website rankings too. There are resources on our website that will help you further understand how important this is, and how to avoid these types of back links, and if you get them, how to disavow them.

Rank Your Website On The First Page Of Google

We utilize the latest, most comprehensive, & most effective strategies to make sure that your website rankings increase, as well as your conversions from a website visitor, to a real sales opportunity or customer.