SEO For Attorneys

When people need local legal counsel, they typically search for qualified local attorneys. Before the digital era, many people may have asked their neighbor for a recommendation or jotted down an attorney’s phone number from a billboard. In this current digital age, more and more people are searching online for a reputable law firm in their area to contact. When potential clients search on their mobile devices, are they finding your law firm? Potential clients aren’t finding your law firm’s website when they search online for local attorneys, they’re likely finding your competitors. Let Digital Horsepower help you improve your SEO and achieve your firm’s online marketing goals.

Digital Horsepower specializes in SEO for attorneys. We provide local SEO services as well as a wide range of professional digital marketing solutions designed to promote your law firm and generate more client traffic to your firm’s website. We feature marketing services that increase our clients’ online visibility. We know that increased website traffic typically translates into more clients for you and your practice. If your potential clients aren’t finding your law firm’s website when they search online for local attorneys, they’re likely finding your competitors. Let Digital Horsepower help you improve your SEO and achieve your firm’s online marketing goals.

Does Your Law Firm Have An SEO Online Marketing Strategy?

For today’s businesses, SEO is an important part of their digital marketing initiatives. No business should be content with being located on a second, third, or fourth page of search engine search results. When a potential client looks for an attorney in their city or town, you want your firm to be featured on that first page of Google’s search results. Why? Because 90% of online consumers locate local service providers on the first page of a Google search. If you’re buried pages back, you aren’t going to be found.

Digital Horsepower provides SEO for attorneys and partners with them to create an online marketing strategy that’s in keeping with their firm’s growth goals and budget. We help our clients move up in page rankings and develop a robust online presence that demonstrates their authority and professionalism as a local attorney. Once we’re able to achieve that page one ranking, we strive to help law firms move into Google’s 3-pack. These top three spots in a search are where you want to be. As many as 50% of searchers will click on a business that occupies one of those three coveted hot spots.

Digital Horsepower: SEO For Law Firms

Digital Horsepower works with law firms like yours to enhance website functionality, improve user experience, create custom keyword-rich content, and a host of other strategies to help firms achieve the SEO they need to grow their business. If your firm’s website isn’t optimized, it’s missing out on a valuable opportunity to attract clients. With our professional SEO for attorneys, we ensure that local clients easily locate your law firm when they search for legal counsel. We feature proven methods and can track our progress so that you’ll know you’re getting a great return on your investment.

Digital Horsepower is a niche SEO company that partners with attorneys to help them achieve their digital marketing goals, including SEO. Our solutions are customizable, affordable, and delivered by our experienced team of SEO specialists and online marketing experts. We are the best SEO firm for attorneys because we specialize in their industry. We tailor our services to suit each clients’ specific needs and goals.

SEO For Law Firms: Comprehensive Audit

An audit is a critical part of our SEO for your law firm. Our SEO experts will measure the current state of your firm’s online visibility. We will also determine how your competition is performing in the digital arena. Our SEO services help you stay competitive. By finding out about the current state of your SEO, we can develop strategies to enhance it.

As we make our assessments, our SEO team will also perform keyword research. Keywords and keyword phrases are important identifiers that need to be seamlessly woven into your business content so that optimization can occur. Additionally, our team will evaluate your site’s structure and code, assess key drivers like content and off-site citations, and recommend customized online marketing solutions to improve your firm’s search engine ranking.

Getting Optimized

After we complete your online audit, we can work to optimize your website’s code and content. We’ll make sure that your website loads quickly so that clients don’t bounce to another competitor’s site. Our solutions are in keeping with the SEO industry’s best practices. To make sure we’re on track, we install call-tracking software and Google Analytics so we can measure how our solutions are working out.

Call-tracking software is immensely helpful for letting us determine where your calls are coming from. What ads are responsible for generating the most calls to your law firm? We want to maintain the successful ads and revamp the ads that aren’t performing the way we want them to. Google Analytics features tools that help us gauge the success of our online efforts. We share these analytics with our clients in monthly reports.

As we create SEO strategies for your firm, we will ensure that your site is in compliance with today’s best SEO practices. Any problems could result in a penalty from Google, something we need to avoid. So, our team will continually monitor your site to make sure everything is working the way it’s supposed to. We’ll also optimize the buttons and contact forms on your website as part of our SEO for law firms’ strategy.

Specialized Content

Digital Horsepower specializes in optimizing content for attorneys. Content is a broad term that represents your firm’s text, images, video, and infographics. We optimize all of it to help increase your firm’s online visibility. Our content specialists will develop high-quality content that includes the required keywords and local identifiers. While our content fulfills SEO requirements, it also communicates professionally with clients to effectively promote your areas of legal practice. Optimized content helps you create an authoritative website that attracts the search engines and potential clients.

Our content specialists can also create additional content to support your online marketing goals, including blogs, press releases, emails, social media posts, and more. If you’re not blogging or communicating digitally with your client base, you’re missing out on positive marketing opportunities. We can partner with you to develop a content calendar and provide you with the high-quality content you need to support your marketing goals.

Local SEO For Law Firms

Digital Horsepower specializes in local SEO solutions. We help attorneys get found online when clients search for a local attorney. Our SEO specialists will update your business citations on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Yelp as well as legal directories. Our local SEO services will also optimize your website in relation to your area, map listings, Facebook business page, and more.

When you hire our team, we’ll evaluate local backlink opportunities and citations because these avenues can help you build your digital authority. We’ll continuously monitor these opportunities so we can take full advantage of them as they arise.

Measuring Our Efforts

Digital Horsepower’s SEO team relies heavily on measuring solutions and analytics to help our clients achieve their digital marketing goals. We capture a wide array of data that provides us with a wealth of information about how our SEO solutions are performing. Then, we provide you with a report each month so you can gauge your return on your marketing investment.

We use our industry’s up-to-date measuring tools to ensure that we are analyzing all relevant data. We stay current with the latest tools and best practices in order to better serve our client base.

Tracking And Revising

Our SEO gurus will track your SEO on a continual basis to provide timely updates and ensure that our solutions are working for you. We’ll also monitor your competition to make sure that you are outpacing them in terms of SEO. Tracking provides us with valuable insight, helping us tweak your campaign for the best results. Contact us today.