About Us

We Are Digital Horsepower

We take a very detailed, and thorough approach to each client account that we work with. There is no such thing as “One Size Fits All” when it comes to the proper local SEO strategy for each client.

All industries are different enough that you really need to drill down in great detail when analyzing a clients website, goals, and objectives. For example, what we may need to do for a plumber to get them ranked well in the search engines, is very different than what we need to do to rank a law form, or a roofing company.

Examples of these differentiators would be the website content itself, the competitive landscape for that client in their geographical area, etc.

Anytime you are dealing with an agency that says they will be able to get you great results, make sure that they tell you exactly what their strategy is for you, and why they feel that it is the right one. This is critical because transparency is key. The more that you understand the deliverable activity that they commit to, and why these actions are important, the more comfortable you will likely be with your agency.

We are a well versed, full service digital marketing agency. We focus specifically on local SEO for localized service businesses. Many of our clients are law firms, HVAC contractors, roofers, and other service businesses.

When people are searching for the types of services that your business offers, it is critical that they find your website in the search engines, but that is just the beginning. What does your website do to convert them from a web visitor to a prospect, or a client? That is where the rest of the magic happens.

In most cases, we create a lot of content for our clients that is optimized well in the search engines so that when someone searches for a service that you offer, the search engines recognize your content as authoritative and a good match for that searchers intent.

We also in many cases, build a new website for our clients. Not necessarily because their website is terrible or is dated, but more so because we make sure that the website is structured correctly, with the correct “on-page” attributes, and also the best “calls-to-action.” We want to make sure that it is not only easy, but that they are encouraged to convert into a potential lead, client, or customer. Let’s chat about YOUR business and see if we can help!