Social Media Advertising

Establishing a presence on social media networks is free, but in order to maximize your firm’s visibility, it’s helpful to invest in paid social media advertising. The good news is that the cost to advertise on social networks is far less than what businesses pay for traditional advertisements. On the fence about paying for social media ads? Just consider that consumers are generally spending two hours each day on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. With a small investment, you can more easily target clients with your paid ads.

Digital Horsepower can work with your law firm to establish a paid ad campaign. We feature experienced pay per click experts who will help you make the most of your advertising dollars with effective social media ad management. We’ve helped hundreds of clients increase their exposure and bottom line by advertising on social media networks like:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Google+
  • Quora and more

These social platforms allow firms to target specific types of clients—people who are most likely to require the services they offer. That’s one of the many reasons why it’s important to make use of social media’s effective ad tools and resources. While each platform is different and does feature different tools, our pros operate on all the major social networks. You can rely on them to manage your social ad campaigns for best results.

Benefits of Social Media Paid Ad Campaigns

Did you know that more than 95% of today’s marketers rely on social media to help them achieve their marketing goals? Unfortunately, as many as 50% of small businesses are not using social media platforms, which is why businesses that do are outperforming their competition by 72%. Our belief is that it’s unwise to ignore social media and its helpful tools. We tell our customers—it’s where your clients are each day. Why wouldn’t you want to advertise where your clients are sure to be found?

As marketers have determined, it’s not enough to simply have a social media account—you have to be active on it. There needs to be targeted ads that drive clients to your website. Digital Horsepower specializes in creating and managing paid ads on the major social networks. We see the benefits of our strategies time and again. Here are some of the benefits customers can expect when they engage in social media advertising:

Fast Results:

It’s a happy occurrence to see how quickly paid ads on social media networks generate positive results. This is because your payment guarantees that your ads will be directed toward your target audience so you can procure more qualified leads. While it’s still important to increase your search engine rankings, paid ads can boost your website traffic while you’re working on getting your SEO right.

Paid Ads Are Affordable:

When you advertise on social media networks, you can control the scale of your campaign. Often, costs are related to the types of ads you’re running. Many of our clients are interested in ads that are charged per click. In these cases, you only pay when a user clicks on your ad. You can also run brand awareness ads that incur a cost per 1,000 impressions. Our social media specialists can help you decide which ads to run and work with you to set up a realistic budget.


One of the great features of paid advertising on social media is the ease with which marketers can measure their success. We can track all sorts of data that can be helpful for improving your digital marketing campaigns.

It’s Specific:

Our clients are attorneys who focus on specific fields of law. Paid ads allow you to be very specific so you can target your campaigns to the people that are most likely to need your services. The ultimate benefits for customers with paid advertisements on social media are increased exposure and increased website traffic. We’ve seen firms dramatically increase their qualified leads after their first social media ad campaign. Based on the cost, it’s hard to imagine a more productive and effective way to market to today’s consumers.

Types of Social Media Ads

There are many different types of ads you can employ on the various social networks. This allows you to customize the look and content of your ad campaigns. Our social media ad specialists can create and manage any of the following ad types:

  • Cost per click ads
  • Cost per impression ads
  • Cost per conversion ads
  • Cost per video view ads

Yet, within these categories, there is considerable flexibility. To give you an idea of the specific ad types you can run on various social networks, consider these:

  • Non-skippable YouTube ads
  • Bumper ads (appear at the end of videos)
  • Text ads
  • Sponsored in-mail ads
  • Collection ads
  • Story ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Photo and video ads and more

Certain types of ads work better for certain social networks. That’s why it’s important to rely on our digital marketing professionals. We know what ads work best and where. We can also vary the types of ads you run depending on your marketing strategy.

Why Work with Digital Horsepower?

Sure, there is a myriad of digital marketing agencies all across North America. Why Digital Horsepower? If you are an attorney and manage a law firm, it makes more sense to work with a company that serves your niche industry. Our digital experts are professionally invested in your industry—they stay on top of its news and best marketing practices. At most digital firms, you could wind up with a social media manager that also manages accounts for car dealerships, restaurants, insurance companies, healthcare providers, and more. How likely are they to fine-tune their knowledge about your industry and your client base?

Digital Horsepower knows your target audience. We’ve researched and continue to research in order to market effectively to this demographic. We also understand the business objectives you want to achieve. You want to grow your business. You want more qualified leads. You want more calls! We design effective social media advertising campaigns that generate quantifiable results. If you want your clients to keep on coming, we’ll devise a winning strategy to do just that!

Contact Us to Get Started

Having worked with many attorneys over the years, we understand that the digital arena can be a complex place. Don’t be overwhelmed! Digital Horsepower is on your side. We work within your budget to make the most of social media’s robust portfolio of tools and resources. We make the advertising process simple and virtually stress-free for our clients.

Digital Horsepower can handle all aspects of your digital marketing campaign, including search engine optimization, mobile optimization, and paid social media advertising. We can handle all aspects of your social media presence so that you can focus your attention on your business. Contact us so we can discuss your firm’s goals. We’ll help you design a digital marketing strategy that suits your needs and budget.