Retargeting Ads

Retargeting, also referred to as remarketing, is a specialty service from Digital Horsepower. For most businesses, 2% of traffic to their website will convert into a client on their first visit. But what about that 98%? Isn’t there a way to recapture or reignite their interest? That’s what retargeting is all about. We offer tools to help law firms continue to market to that traffic that didn’t convert right away. There are different methods for remarketing to potential clients. Digital Horsepower can help you choose the methods designed to work best for you.

Importance of Retargeting

Businesses spend time and money on driving traffic to their websites. Failing to achieve conversions can be disheartening, but marketers realize that this is often par for the course. Many consumers are simply not comfortable answering a call to action on their first visit to a website. They may prefer to spend time doing a bit of research — checking out other local attorneys or reading reviews to find out what past clients have to say.

Industry type matters when it comes to analyzing conversion rates. Let’s say you’re an attorney who specializes in divorce. Divorce is a tough process for most people. A client has to share their personal life with you and the struggles they are dealing with in their marriage. Finding the right attorney is a way more complicated process compared to something such as choosing a new retail store to buy a dress from. Since the divorce process gets very personal, a client is likely to invest more time and energy which typically requires trust. Clients want to ensure they are choosing the right attorney to represent them. Retargeting is a way to ensure that those initially interested visitors on your site remain interested. By remarketing to them, you can begin to build up connections that ultimately increase your client base. Don’t lose potential clients who leave after one visit. Use our services to bring them back!

How Does Retargeting Work?

Retargeting allows your business to target specific website visitors with specific ads. One of the reasons that these retargeting campaigns are frequently successful is because the potential client already expressed an interest by visiting your website in the first place. With our help, we can show these visitors how your services can fulfill their needs. Without a remarketing campaign, your business is just allowing 98% of its traffic to bounce. What if you could recapture another 5, 10, or even 20% simply by targeting that interested audience with more ads? Retargeting is the ideal way to boost your conversion rate and recapture a hesitant audience.

Different Ways to Retarget Visitors

Digital Horsepower employs multiple strategies to retarget our client’s website traffic. Since we specialize in marketing to a specific audience—attorneys, we can easily help your firm find effective methods for remarketing. Some popular retargeting options include:

Search Retargeting:

We can use search remarketing with Google Ads to ensure that your firm’s ads will appear at the top of search engine results pages when the user has already visited your website.

Video Retargeting:

Video retargeting features your ads as video ads on sites like YouTube and various Google partners. These are displayed to users who have already visited your website.

Social Media Retargeting:

Various social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest make retargeting easy with their platform’s tools. You can display ads to users who have visited your website as they browse on their channels.

Display Retargeting:

With this measure, we ensure that your ads are displayed on other websites within Google’s display ad network.

Email Retargeting:

If you were lucky enough to get visitors to subscribe to your email list, don’t forget about email retargeting. You might find that your lead list has gone cold, but don’t forget to retarget these possibilities with reminders. As an attorney, you might give suggestions about possible cases they may not have thought about—and provide an incentive for them to schedule a case evaluation.

We discuss our strategies with you so you can decide how you want to proceed. There are different measures to take and we can try one or two at a time depending on your wishes.

Establishing Retargeting Goals

When you work with our digital specialists, we’ll discuss the two most important goals to keep in mind when retargeting website visitors:

Conversion: Converting website traffic into clients is the ultimate goal for any retargeting campaign. These people were hesitant the first time around, but if your firm manages to convert them into clients in the end, no marketing effort was wasted. This is what we’re shooting for with each remarketing method.

Awareness: Targeting for awareness is another goal to keep in mind. You can remind people who were once interested enough in your firm to visit its website that you still exist and are still marketing your services. This might be a long-term tactic, but like building brand recognition, it has its part in your online marketing campaign.

Can You Retarget to Website Visitors Based on Their Behavior?

The short answer is yes. You can retarget ads to people who visited your website and engaged in certain behaviors. For instance, a person who clicked on your website and spent two seconds there is not an attractive candidate for remarketing. An individual who visited your website and spent upwards of ten to twenty minutes investigating your services and clicking on multiple pages within your site is an attractive candidate for retargeting.

Those two-second parties can be dubbed ‘not interested.’ Their interest level is low so it probably doesn’t make fiscal sense to retarget them. On the other hand, those interested visitors who spend significant time on your website have a higher probability of responding favorably to your retargeting campaign. Together, we can decide what types of ads to target them with. Often, we can use less formal ads that are full of wow factor to reignite their interest in your firm.

When and How Often Should Your Firm Retarget Its Audience?

Effective marketing doesn’t rely on overkill strategies that are more likely to irritate than entice clients. You don’t necessarily want to retarget potential clients too quickly or too often or you risk alienating them. Using online tools, our digital specialists can choose the frequency that ads appear in your remarketing campaign. We can decide how long before a potential client sees their first ad after bouncing from your website. Also, we don’t want to bombard targets with the same ad. We vary the ads up to ensure that potential clients are benefitting from a more well-rounded look of your business.

We Optimize Your Ads!

As an SEO firm, we wouldn’t dream of creating retargeting ads that weren’t professionally optimized! Whether we’re focusing on text, video, or rich media ads, we believe that your ads should be as effective as possible. In order to do that, it requires optimization. Optimized retargeting ads should feature these elements:

A great headline:

It’s advertising 101, but you still need an engaging headline whether your marketing for print or digital. We want to create a headline that is likely to be relevant to your website traffic. Digital Horsepower features experienced content creators that help us build our winning ads

Eye-catching media:

Visually attractive or compelling imagery is a great way enhance your ad. Whether you’re opting for an image or video, it’s important for this media to support your ad’s call to action.

Clear call to action:

Retargeting ads should feature clear calls to action. We build click-worthy ads that feature actionable content.

Digital Horsepower has achieved proven success with our optimized retargeting ads. We want to achieve the same success for your firm too.

Offer Something

Many firms have found retargeting success by offering something to their clients. “Sign up for our email list and get a free email.” This type of strategy is nothing new. Many customers give something to their clients or potential clients to promote their firm. This could be items such as a pen or a magnet. In the digital arena, these offerings are frequently special offers like ‘get a free case evaluation’. It might even be as simple as: ‘enjoy our latest blog post’. Having an offer is a great reason to ‘get in touch’ with former visitors to your website. These visitors will seldom mind if you present them with an offer that’s hard to resist.

We have lots of strategies to discuss with you! Consult with us today about how to increase your conversion rate through our retargeting services.