Local SEO Services

In order to do more business locally, we believe you need our local SEO services. Digital Horsepower is an SEO firm and digital marketing company that provides results-driven SEO services. We know that more than 80% of consumers are searching for local businesses from their smartphones and other mobile devices. Our goal is to put you front and center in those local searches to help you grow your business. We feature an array of local SEO solutions that help your law firm get found. Local SEO is a cornerstone of what we do, and we work exclusively with attorneys who practice varying fields of law including:

Our local SEO services can provide quantifiable benefits to your firm. Getting the local part right is essential for law firms like yours—and we can help.

Rely on Local SEO Services from Digital Horsepower to Grow Your Business

The digital specialists of Digital Horsepower can help you grow your business with our local SEO services. There are benefits to local SEO services that you can’t afford to overlook. When you rely on our services, you can expect:

To increase visibility with your local audience:

About 95% of people who perform searches for services will not venture beyond the first page of their search results. Local SEO services ensure that your rankings go up, enhancing your online visibility with your local audience. A whopping 97% of consumers now visit the internet to search for local services such as local legal counsel. We tailor our services to help searchers find you and, in doing so, help you increase your bottom line.

Improvements in your targeted marketing campaigns:

Our clients have budgets. Their resources are not limitless. Targeted geographic marketing campaigns allow clients to spend less while still achieving positive results. Local SEO services allow your law firm to target extremely small sections of your local community—clients who are most likely to convert.

Increase Website Traffic:

We help local attorneys increase their business by promoting web traffic. More web traffic often results in more leads and clients. Our local SEO services help you increase LOCAL traffic. That’s key because it’s typically your local area that contains your clients.

Get An Edge On Your Competition

Many companies are investing in digital marketing, but less than 50% of them are focusing on local SEO. This could change in two years… three years… five years. Since you can’t be sure when exactly, now is the optimum time to get optimized for local—before your competitors do. Get ahead of them by standing out in local search results, maps, directories, and social media. As we develop your local SEO customizations, we take a look at what your competitors are doing. Naturally, we expect to do better. But, we’re often amazed at how few law firms are getting the local part right. That’s a big mistake—and we’ll help you avoid it.

Our Local Search Engine Optimization Services

Digital Horsepower understands that search engines like Google need to know what fields of law your firm practices and where it’s located. That’s why we’ve designed an array of techniques to optimize your content for local searching. Our SEO specialists will:

Optimize your website for local searching:

Our services ensure that search engines such as Google are aware of the nature of your business and your local target area. We rely on techniques like localized keyword and keyphrase optimization, NAP data, and schema markup. We’re SEO specialists and have a demonstrable command of best SEO practices and techniques.

Map Optimization:

Local map optimization is essential to ensure that your law firm can easily be found on Google Maps. Some of the ways we optimize maps are standardizing certain data, listing your complete business profile, and generating reviews of your firm to name a few.

Local Listing Citations

Digital Horsepower supports your firm’s local SEO by creating local listing citations and link building. As we optimize your site for local, we create a link-building strategy that’s focused on your local area and industry. Our goal is to ensure that local clients find you before they find your competition. Some of our services in this regard include:

Reputable Citations:

Local citations are essential features of search engine local ranking algorithms. Digital Horsepower digital pros will build and standardize reputable citations from long-established portals such as Yelp.

Hyperlocal Features:

Our digital experts know how to identify websites that are highly regarded in your local service area and favored by search engines. Your law firm needs to be listed there to share the ‘authoritative’ influence of such sites.

Local Outreach:

Local and targeted outreach is another way we optimize businesses for local searches. There are many high-quality and authoritative websites that provide strong link-building opportunities that can support your local SEO.

Content Marketing

Content that’s optimized for your local service area is another integral component of our local SEO offerings. Content is important on many levels. It’s the key to converting website traffic into clients. But when optimized for local searching, it can boost local traffic to your website. After all, your local area is where your clients are. We design content that is:

Create Useful Content:

Google doesn’t like fluff! These days, websites are penalized for poor content. The search engine features powerful algorithms that can literally detect content quality. So, we create high-quality content—words and images—that’s search engine optimized for your local area. Our content experts have years of experience creating content for attorneys.

Keyword Optimized:

To be optimized for local searches, you need the right keywords and keyword phrases. Our content specialists and SEO experts work together to determine what words and phrases should be included in your content to support our marketing goals. Absolutely—the right words can make all the difference, helping to boost your rankings in local searches.

Promote Trust & Authority:

You might not immediately see the connection between automation and trust, but it exists. The humans of Google have established algorithms that can determine if your website is trustworthy. Trustworthy sites get moved up in the search results. So, we provide local SEO services with these algorithms in mind. We also create content that will show the people who visit your site that you are a reputable and trustworthy law firm.

Curated Reporting

When it comes to SEO marketing for your local audience, it’s important for you, as a business owner, to know how our services are performing. We believe strongly in capturing data and testing to make sure that our strategies and techniques are producing the results we expect. We also share this information with you in our curated reports. You can expect to receive:

Ranking Reports:

You’re investing in our services and you deserve to know what you’re getting. Your page ranking is a vital aspect of your SEO. We can provide you with reports—as often as you prefer (daily or weekly)—letting you know where your search engine ranking sits. Moving up ever so slightly can actually have a serious positive impact on your business.

Links / Citations:

Our SEO experts can provide you with a detailed report of all the links we secure for your website. We build them and like to show them off!


After treating your website to our local SEO services, we test and analyze repeatedly. Then, we generate a report to inform you how our marketing strategies are working with real-world data.

Have Questions about Local SEO?

Unless you’re an SEO professional, it can be difficult to understand the terms and processes associated with this field. That’s why we’re here to consult with you about our services. We can explain our work in detail so that you understand what you are paying for and why you need it. As you can see from our website, we offer a comprehensive array of digital marketing and SEO solutions. Some firms opt for a few services at a time while others desire a large package of service offerings. We help you decide what’s most important so that you can allocate your marketing dollars appropriately based on informed decisions.

Local SEO is a vital service for many of our clients because the local scene is where their clients are. Consult with us about how our local SEO services can help you meet your digital marketing goals. All of our digital solutions are scalable and flexible. When you partner with us for SEO and online marketing assistance, you can expect outstanding workmanship complemented by our excellent customer service.