Conversation Rate Optimization

In today’s digital business arena, companies have to optimize for search engines, optimize for mobile, and even optimize to convert more leads. First Place Legal is what you might call an optimization specialist. We are an SEO and digital marketing firm that can handle any or all aspects of a digital marketing campaign. We serve a niche group of clients: attorneys who practice varying types of law. With improvements to your conversation rate optimization, our digital specialists can help you gain more clients.

What Is Conversation Rate Optimization (CRO)?

Conversation rate optimization is a process that digital marketers use to increase the percentage of website visitors who comply with a company’s call to action. For our clients, that call to action might be:

If you have ever wondered why more traffic to your website doesn’t convert (answers one of your calls to action), you need to consider how conversation rate optimization can improve your business. Conversion is simply tech-speak for those instances when a client completes one of your site goals or calls to action. A conversation rate is simply a formula: the number of times a client completes a call to action divided by your website traffic. Our digital specialists can improve your website’s visit-to-lead conversion rate through our optimization process. Improving this rate my a mere few points can have substantial impact on your business—and revenue.

Conversion Rate Optimization Matters

At some point, business always seems to fall back on mathematics and data. As a business owner, if you don’t keep track of the numbers, you’re likely to suffer for it. It’s the same thing with digital marketing. We need to track the numbers—the data—to make sure we are spending money on the right features and to ensure that our efforts are paying off. If your firm has a low conversion rate, it’s a sign that you need to do more to convince clients to work with you. This is where conversion rate optimization is so important!

When you partner with First Place Legal for our conversation rate optimization services, we’ll first examine where you’re at in terms of conversion rate. Maybe you’re not getting enough website traffic to begin with. In these cases, we can look at optimizing your SEO. However, if you’re getting traffic but a low number of conversions, we’ll strategize to increase those numbers and move your conversation rate to a range where we know it should be.

How Does First Place Legal Improve Conversion Rates?

How digital marketing specialists use multiple strategies and best practices for turning website visitors into real leads and/or paying clients. Some of these methods include:

These are just a few tried-and-true ways we’ve helped law firms improve their conversion rates to boost business.

Test, Test, Test

Fortunately, with many aspects of digital marketing, you don’t have to rely on your marketing firm’s word. The ultimate proof is in the data. That’s why we test and collect data in order to demonstrate that our efforts are working. Without testing, how would we know what to tweak? Testing helps us continually improve our customers’ digital presence and their online marketing campaigns. Our CRO specialist rely on tracking tools so they can see the numbers for conversions on your website every single day. When we see the welcome boost, we can point to the marketing practices that are responsible for the increase in conversions. Over the years, we’ve amassed considerable expertise in this particular arena. Let us share this experience and expertise with your firm to help you grow your business.

Are You Ready to Convert More Leads?

Consult with First Place Legal to discuss your business goals. We won’t try to ‘sell’ you services that you don’t need and we always provide our clients with easy to understand explanations for the tech-speak that our field is notorious for. To begin, we’ll get a baseline of your website’s conversion rate. Then, we can discuss our recommendations for improving those numbers. You don’t have to spend a fortune to improve your conversion rate. In fact, we offer affordable solutions that are known to generate immediate results.

Contact our firm to talk about how we can help you turn more of your website visitors into clients or qualified leads. Our methods are clear-cut, real-world, and results driven. Because First Place Legal focuses entirely on law firms, we’re able to expertly tailor solutions to our client’s specific needs.